Global Training Concept

For globally-operating enterprises

This concept is based on the idea of expanding the well-organized Technical English training programme used at company headquarters to include subsidiaries and branches around the world.

Although the focus is very much on Technical English, there is considerable potential here to also include other important categories such as Business English. Other relevant Technical English aspects could also be added to the programme without any problem.

In collaboration with the respective company training department, our project team would provide the Technical English expertise required for such a venture. lt is a fact that with the large pool of expert technical trainers and consultants on board, Pyramid is recognized as a global leading Technical English training provider. As part of The Pyramid Group, has immediate access to Pyramid´s resources in over 50 countries around the world. This means that support can be provided in those areas where companies are also based.

The proposed project would involve integrating an online platform for live sessions. One possibility is to use the in-house IT resources a company already has or using other available options, e.g. Adobe Connect, WebEx or Skype.

In addition, an online resources bank that participants anywhere could access would be made available.

Key points:

  • Blended Learning approach: face-to-face / online
  • extremely cost-effective
  • uniform global training programme
  • modular programme: participants can customize own courses as an option
  • audio and video support
  • online programme could include elements of other successful programmes, e.g. Moodle, English 360
  • company resources and products can be integrated or remain separate modules
  • programme should include practical elements
  • integrate all four skills: listening, speaking, writing, reading
  • Business English and other areas can easily be added
  • key company personnel to be consulted in the planning
  • resource section available 24/7
  • fixed times for online training (e.g. trainers based here in Europe/worldwide)
  • integrating all local trainers already working at company branches


Customized eLearning Programme´s eLearning development partner has over 20 years‘ experience in the computer-assisted language learning environment and provides a unique set of tools to turn context and media-rich scenarios into intensive learning experiences.

Who can use them?
Workplaces – wherever trainers and employers are managing a range of language abilities and a need to focus an specific communication skills and competencies.

Designed for busy learners! Our e-learning modules are for busy employees who need to fit learning in at home or at the workplace.

Using the latest concepts in e-learning, language learning, and cross-cultural training.

Flexible and scalable to a wide variety of environments and learning management systems.

Customized to deliver the clients‘ learning objectives.

Total number of users, e.g. 500 – 10,000

Important features of the Language and Communication Courseware:

  • learn how to communicate with clients and co-workers in an effective and appropriate manner
  • learn and practice specific language required to complete specific tasks – all courses are online
  • each learner has an account and can login from any location with access to the Internet
  • learners listen, watch videos, record their voices and playback, fill blanks, select multiple choice answers, on their computer. An intensive and interactive audio-video learning environment is provided.
  • can include audio dictionary or glossary
  • can include voice processor
  • simple and clean interface, can include different language interfaces
  • flash-based and works in any browser
  • SCORM / Tin Can API-compliant and works in any Learning Management System (LMS)
  • includes LMS provided through with customized site for client, self-registration of users, control of access to units, reporting of time on task, reporting of scores on validated questions
  • includes hosting provided through

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