Translation & Interpreting

Translations & Interpreting in 58 languages

All translations are provided by our team of professional translators who live in-country and translate into their native language, along with proven experience for the types of material translated.

You can reach us 24 hours a day

Even with very tight deadlines, we will do everything we can do to meet your needs. If necessary, we will also work overnight or at weekends. Since the beginning, our translation service has continued to develop a strong infrastructure which helps us to quickly and carefully process the materials and properly choose the right professionals who are well qualified and experienced to handle the job.

Areas of expertise include:

  • machines
  • construction industry
  • electrical engineering
  • pharmaceuticals
  • electronics
  • semi-conductor industry
  • commercial vehicles
  • industrial plant
  • turbines

Die Übersetzung technischer Schriftsätze in fremde Sprachen ist ein sehr anspruchsvolles Vorhaben. Hierzu ist eine außerordentlich gute Sachkenntnis erforderlich, damit die Übertragung der in der Regel komplexen Inhalte von der einen Sprache in die andere keine Fehler ergibt. Der Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen e.V., ein europäischer Verband von Schalungsherstellern und Schalungsanwendern, publiziert seine Richtlinien und Merkblätter nunmehr auch in englischer Sprache. Die Übersetzungen von Herrn Paul East (, in hervorragender Weise mit der notwendigen Sachkenntnis, der gebotenen sprachlichen Sensibilität und termingerecht angefertigt.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Motzko, Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen e.V.

If you are having manuals, user guides or any other technical documents translated, it is absolutely essential that the translators themselves have proven expertise in the given field.

Whether it be machine engineering, chemistry or any other specialist subject, every technical translation must be perfect. Only a person with proven track record and solid technical understanding can achieve this.

We also use the latest Translation Memory software which allows work to be carried out faster and more consistently. Our expertly updated terminology databases ensure your translation contains terminology that is optimal for your purposes.

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