The Pyramid Group

The Pyramid Group provides a range of specialist English training (ESP), e.g. English for the Legal, Medical, Technical, HR, Insurance, Logistics and Construction sectors, as well as providing translations and interpreting in 58 languages.

The expert team of consultants and trainers have a dual qualification: they each have a particular industry background/qualification as well as being qualified language trainers. After all, our business is focused on improving students communication skills in English not teaching them how to do their job.

Training is offered both face-to-face and online

Pyramid also includes The French Academy and eBooks World (epublishing and POD). Paul East, CEO of The Pyramid Group, is also a director of Pete Sharma Associates, a leading provider of training that focuses on the integration of educational technology into language courses (learning technologies for language organisations and language teachers).

The Pyramid Group is the official commercial partner of the Technical University Dresden and has been involved in numerous EU-sponsored projects, e.g. Tempus, Grundtvig and Comenius programmes. Pyramid is also an official partner to Swansea University, one of the leading UK universities.

The Pyramid Group is headquartered in Ulm, Germany and has offices in 50 countries such as Brazil, Gulf States, Italy, France, Sub-Sahara Africa, UK and China.

In Germany, Pyramid has a wide range of well-known internationally-operating clients such as Voith, Liebherr, PERI, TII Group, Airbus, PistenBully and Dachser who are recognized leaders in their areas of business.

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